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Sat, Jan. 5th, 2008, 10:03 am
onthecase: Detective Chimp!

Character Name: Detective Chimp. He has a chimp name, but he doesn't give it (it couldn't be easily pronounced by humans, plus he runs in circles where true names give power). His first human-name was Bobo, but he tends to prefer "Detective Chimp" or just "Chimp."
Character LJ: onthecase
Physical description (face, build, weight): He's a 3'7" chimpanzee, 76 pounds, and physically about 20. His lungs by now are probably covered in tar from all the smoking, and his liver's in really poor shape.
Abilities: Immortal. Possesses the ability to speak any animal language, including humans. He's also stronger and more physically capable than most give him credit for -- chimps are, after all, significantly stronger than humans and can be quite warlike. He's also got an extremely cunning detective mind -- not quite Batman-class, but close. He's also a master at snark-fu.
Weaknesses and flaws: Chimp is an alcoholic. He's sober now, but the addiction remains. He's also a heavy smoker. Lastly, while he's more skilled in combat than most people give him credit for, he's still far less capable than most of the others he rubs elbows with.
Alignment (villain, hero etc): A hero filled with sarcasm.
Relatives (living or dead): He has a tribe of chimps somewhere that are likely descendants, but that's about it. Of the other species he considers family, he's close to Rex the Wonder Dog, as well as the human who first took him in, Fred Thorpe, and the police officer who took him in when Fred was murdered, Edward Chase. These days, he's growing close to the Outsiders as well. He tries to keep everyone at some level of distance, however -- he knows that he'll likely outlive most of them, and losing close friends to old age is very difficult for him.
Backstory: Detective Chimp was found in Africa by Fred Thorpe to be an attraction for Fred's circus. An intelligent, albeit normal, chimp, he changed drastically when he and his buddy Rex the Wonder Dog located the fountain of youth and drank from it. Both became immortal, with the ability to communicate with all forms of life. Fred continued to care for the Chimp, and when Fred was murdered, he assisted detective Edward Chase in finding the killer. He and Edward remained partners for a time, until old age took Edward as well.
The chimp attempted to work on his own, but as he was not considered a human being, he did not have rights to attempt to collect on bad debts. Sinking into poverty and depression, he began drinking heavily, becoming addicted in short order.
During Operation: Chaos, the Chimp attempted sobriety to help save the world, and began hiring out his services to superheroes. Attempting to remain sober on his own was difficult, and he eventually fell off the wagon.
He joined up with the new Outsiders team forming, but the Chimp's drinking began to interfere with his duties. This finally reached crisis levels when the Chimp became so drunk that he was unable to call for help when the base was under attack. Hitting rock bottom, the Chimp entered rehab and has been sober ever since.