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Sat, Jan. 5th, 2008, 09:32 am
lanternslight: Character Update:

For those just joining us (and so the mods can update that handy little spreadsheet), here's what's up these days with Hal "punch-you-in-the-jaw-if-you-disagree" Jordan.

Character Name: Hal Jordan / Green Lantern
Character LJ: lanternslight
Physical description (face, build, weight): An athletic man in his mid- to late-30s, Hal Jordan is in excellent physical shape. His hair is dark brown, without those streaks of white he had when Parallax started possessing him.
Abilities: Hal was granted a Green Lantern ring by the dying alien Abin Sur. This ring enables him to channel his willpower to create a multitude of effects, limited only by his strength of will and his imagination. He's also a skilled test pilot, and he's got a mean right cross.
Weaknesses and flaws: The ring is less effective against yellow as it is against other colors, but this merely means it requires additional concentration. More importantly, Hal is willful to the point of stupidity at times -- he goes into any situation assuming that he will win, and he just needs to figure out how. His love life is also a complete mess.
Alignment (villain, hero etc): Hero. Definitely.
Relatives (living or dead): His father dying in front of him as a young boy is part of what gives him his great strength of will. His mother is also dead now. He has two brothers, one of whom lives near him with his family. As of December 25, 2007, Hal has an adopted son.
Backstory: Hal Jordan was the first Green Lantern of Earth (not counting Alan Scott or a couple of temporary historical characters). Both John Stewart and Guy Gardner served as his replacement from time to time, but he was always considered one of the "best" of the Green Lanterns.

Then came Parallax, the living embodiment of fear. It invaded his mind, twisted him around, and started altering his behavior. Eventually, it took over completely when Mongol and Cyborg Superman destroyed his home city of Coast City. Parallax used Hal's body to destroy the Green Lantern Corps, and nearly rewrote time itself -- all the while making Hal believe it was his own choice. In the end, Hal managed to force Parallax to sacrifice itself to save the Earth, and Hal died.

This was not the end, however. Selected as the Spectre, Hal Jordan began a time as the embodiment of God's Vengeance, which he attempted to temper with a sense of redemption. The Spectre, meanwhile, attempted to cleanse Hal of the Parallax entity still within him. In the end, Hal was restored to life, the Green Lantern Corps was reborn, and Parallax was re-imprisoned. Hal rejoined the Justice League and has attempted to make amends for what was done in his name.

Hal Jordan attempted dating Arisia for a while, and even got over his one remaining serious fear -- commitment. Unfortunately, due to a Starro attack in which he was mind-controlled and attempted to kill Arisia (again), she broke it off with him, breaking his heart. He returned to the swinging bachelor lifestyle, and began seeing multiple women, only to be shocked when both Arisia and Carol Ferris expressed an interest in rekindling a romance simultaneously.

In addition, Hal saved a young baby during a zombie attack on New York (they happen). When the baby's parent couldn't be immediately located, Hal volunteered to care for it for the time being, assuming it would only be a couple of hours. A couple hours turned into almost 2 months. When the baby's parent came back to collect the child, Hal reluctantly gave the baby up, only to discover that the child had actually been part of a black market baby ring. He closed down the ring, finding safety for all the children involved, and filing adoption paperwork for the child he had cared for, naming him Henry after the middle name of one of his best friends -- Barry Allen.